Neck lifting

A neck lift consists of fixing the thin neck muscle (platysma) in front and behind the ear giving the neck a lifted and younger aspect. The muscle is stretched to the side and to the back in order to give the neck a more attractive silhouette.
This procedure is similar to the mini-facelift, but relates to the neck area and not the face. Only the neck region will present swelling after surgery. A small liposculpture is often necessary under the chin.

When the thin neck muscles become detached along midline, the edges of the muscle become clearly visible in the neck (like two stripes). It is usually possible to smooth them out with a classic necklift. Nevertheless, if they remain visible, a platysmaplasty can be performed. In this case, the neck muscles are rejoined through a small incision below the neck. A platysmaplasty may be performed separately or in combination with a facelift or other type of lifting.


Cost Price

Neck lifting (local anaesthetic) 2.000€

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