Breast augmentation

Breast enlargement is one of the most requested aesthetic procedures. A beautiful breast has a great impact on the body image and a woman's self-confidence. Thanks to the evolution of plastic surgery and the development of new technologies, breast augmentation has become one of the safest procedures and can easily be also done as an outpatient. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.
However, it is of the utmost importance that implant surgery, including breast enlargement, is performed in extremely sterile conditions. Mediclinic is one of the few clinics to possess the most sophisticated equipment as sterile, safe and predictable as possible (laminar flow, 3D camera, S3 classification, computerized anaesthesia, etc).
Modern breast implants are filled with cohesive silicone-gel. This silicone filling is no longer fluid as in the past. Silicone oil leaks are excluded with cohesive gel implants. We only use high quality implants with a lifetime guarantee and meeting very strict European standards.
The art of breast enlargement is to achieve a 100% natural result so that there is no visible or palpable distinction from the real breast tissue.

  • The implant placement technique (best between or under the chest muscle) will largely determine the result.
  • Furthermore, the choice of the implant is of course critical. A softer gel padding will provide invisible edges but will be more likely to wrinkle. The implant should fit exactly into the existing breast. This requires an accurate measurement of the breast gland during the preoperative consultation. A correct volume is obviously crucial for a natural result. 

The size, shape and firmness of the implants will be selected with the patient during the consultation, which will include test implants so as to give the most accurate idea of the final result. According to the wishes of the patient, the surgeon can produce a very subtle or, to the contrary, very visible result.


In Practice:

Pain: Pain is very individual but on average is estimated at 5 days muscle pain and discomfort.
Recovery: Household chores and office work can be resumed after 1 week to 10 days. After four weeks, you will be allowed to carry out a little more physical work. Sports with pectoral and heavy lifting are only permitted after 6 weeks.
Risks: Bleeding (the first two days after surgery), capsular contracture (the prosthesis feeling hard), moving of the implants, bad scar formation. A complication rarely occurs during the first 10 years. If, however, a problem should occur, it can of course be remedied.
Aftercare: Waterproof bandages and sutures remain for 2 weeks. A sports bra should be worn night and day for 4 weeks. The bra is intended to prevent swelling, not to hold the implant in place.
Breast-feeding is possible after breast augmentation if the implant is placed under the gland. All structures remain intact and functional. Silicone cannot possibly contaminate breast milk.
Breast Examination: A common concern is the breast examination due to breast cancer. Is breast examination still possible with an implant?

  • The prosthesis is always placed behind the mammary gland and “pushes it” forward. As a result, the discovery of nodules becomes easier.
  • During a mammogram, you should notify the radiologist that you have implants.


Cost Price

Breast enlargement with round implants As from 3.500€

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