Arm lifting

Many women complain of excess wrinkled skin under the arms and do not dare to wear clothes without sleeves. It is for this reason that the arm lift is a popular surgery at Mediclinic.

How is it that the skin under the arms relaxes so much?
The shoulder joint is an extremely versatile joint, which allows the arm to perform movements forwards, sideways and to the rear. To make these movements possible, the skin and soft tissues around the shoulder should be able to stretch. After a while, the elasticity of the tissues decreases and the skin no longer returns to its original state. Then we see excess skin appearing on the inside of the arm.

If the surgeon removes the excess skin, the amount of remaining skin will be insufficient to allow the lifting or the extension of the arms. The scar will become wide and unattractive. People who have lost weight are therefore ideal candidates for an arm lift. Their skin has lost its elasticity, but it is also present in large quantities. It is then possible to remove a lot of skin while keeping pretty scars. A scar is visible on the inside of the arms. If the procedure is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon and the wounds are treated after surgery to prevent infection, scars remain virtually invisible. It is important not to remove too much skin to allow freedom of movement without stretching the scars.


  • Wound infection, often at armpit level (hot and humid areas). The quality of care for the wound and proper hygiene are crucial for optimal results.
  • Swelling of the forearm in due to a lower lymphatic circulation. This phenomenon is temporary and disappears spontaneously. Lymphatic drainage sessions can accelerate the deflation.

Post-operative care
Wounds should be treated and disinfected daily for two weeks. The stitches are removed after about two weeks. We recommend that you wear a compression bandage to minimize swelling. The scar will then be massaged with a silicone-based cream.

Cost Price

Arm lifting 3.400€

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