The Mediclinic interior design has many advantages over conventional hospitals: ultra sterile operating theatre, 3D computer, 3D simulation, laser treatments, ultrasound, anaesthesia machines controlled by computer, personalised care, quiet environment, etc.
Beside its purely medical infrastructure, Mediclinic also has a conference room and meeting rooms. Kitchens are also available for the restoration of patients or guests. There is also a projection room for live surgery workshops while the audience can follow interactively.
The clinic is surrounded by water with a drawbridge; we can thus guarantee the security and privacy of patients who desire it. The clinic can also be rented in its entirety on request.

Decreased risk of infection
A stay in a general hospital is always a risk of infection. A stay in a general hospital is always a risk of infection. Bacteria can be transmitted from one patient to another. These infections are generally more difficult to treat than those caused by common bacteria. For this reason, it is preferable that surgery on healthy patients takes place in a private clinic without contact with potentially infected sick patients. To further reduce the risk of infection, our operating room has a "laminar flow" ceiling. This system distributes sterile air over the operating table and thereby removes bacteria from the operative field. Every 70 seconds, the air in the operating room is thereby renewed thus preventing bacteria from entering. The same pressure system is also in recovery rooms. This system is unique in a private clinic and enables us to operate in an extra sterile medium. It also decreases significantly the risks of formation of cockles during the introduction of implants.
3D simulation techniques for rhinoplasty and breast augmentation
To give you the most realistic picture possible of your future nose or breast, we perform computer simulations of the desired result before your operation
3D computer controlled operating theatre
Mediclinic’s significant element is without hesitation its conventional operating theatre. In addition to its laminar airflow ceiling, it is equipped with a series of positioned laser cameras and projectors. These cameras allow the surgeon to view the operation from various angles on large screens. These permit it to see the symmetry of his work. The projector indicates on the patient where the surgeon must detach the tissue or make the incision. This system folds into the ceiling and can be positioned to the same height as the operating table. Unique, it offers the patient and doctor complete guarantees and predictable results.
Mediclinic has a range of lasers and is recognised as a centre for training and demonstration. These lasers are used for the treatment of vascular lesions, varicose veins, warts, benign tumours, permanent hair removal, treatment of wrinkles and of the skin, etc.
Ultrasonic devices
A noisy breast lift seems surreal, but it is possible! Ultrasound or high frequency sound waves are used to melt the fat. They vibrate fatty tissue so hard that they crack. By adapting the sound frequency, we are able to eliminate only the fatty tissue and to leave intact nerves and blood vessels. With the same technique, we can stimulate the subcutaneous layer of the skin to strengthen connective tissue without damaging it. In this way it is possible to do certain breasts lifts without scarring. The liposculpture in delicate areas with connective tissue may also be performed in this way.