Mediclinic uses Mene & Moy products for facial care of oily and aging skin. Glo Therapeutics products are suitable for all skin types. Each treatment is adapted to your skin type. During your first appointment, your skin will be carefully analysed and you will receive a sheet with care advice. Do not hesitate to contact us for the most appropriate care for your skin. We will be happy to help you.

Mene & Moy (glycolic acid-based care and vitamin C)

  • Facial acne - 40 min
    Blackheads, pimples, infections, milia, etc. are removed professionally together with deep cleansing, peeling and a mask. Indications: acne, blemished skin.
  • Flash facial - 30 min
    Deep cleansing with double peeling, eyebrow shaping / upper lip and a refreshing vitamin mask. Result: Lightens and makes for a regular complexion.
  • Pure Facial - 60 min
    Revitalising and purifying peeling with glycolic acid (10% or 30%), a complete massage and a mask suited to your skin type. Indications: normal to oily skin, enlarged pores.
  • Intense facial - 90 min
    Intensive care, cleansing, invigorating and refreshing peeling with glycolic acid (30%) serum. Full massage and an alginate mask. Indications: skin aging, fine lines, sun damage, skin grain refinement

About Mene & Moy ...
Since 1985, Romulo Mene, a Brazilian plastic surgeon, and Laurence Moy, American dermatologist, have joined resources to research against skin aging. Today, the fruit of their research is found in a range of dynamic cosmetology. A real alternative to surgery, the effectiveness of this program is the high concentration of active ingredients used, including stabilized vitamin C and glycolic acid. The anti-aging Mene & Moy programme greatly optimises the stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin to a smoother skin and an even skin tone. Result: your skin is stimulated, its texture is refined, smoother and more even.

Glo Therapeutics

  • Revitalising Facial - 60 min
    Hydrating care with deep cleansing, vapo, eyebrow and lip waxing. Removal of blackheads, milia. Massage of the face, neckline, shoulders and neck. Adapted mask (with massage of the head, hands and feet included during mask). Eye and day cream.
  • Repair Facial - 30 min
    Reparing and calming care with cleansing, eyebrow and lip waxing, calming serum, mask, shoulder massage and day cream. Indications: sensitive skins, rosacea, after peeling or laser treatment.

Facial Care Options

You can also opt for an additional treatment of the face, eyes, neck, hands or feet.

  • Eye care
    Revitalising eye treatment with vitamin C, pressure point massage, an alginate mask and cream. Indications: tired eyes, fine lines, dark circles
  • Neckline care
    Indications: skin aging, sun damage
  • Mini Manicure
    Filing and polishing (for men) nail and hand cream
  • Mini pedicure
    Nail trimming, grating of calluses and foot cream

Cost Price

Face care - Facial acne (Mene & Moy) - 40 min 40€
Face care - Flash facial (Mene & Moy) - 40 min 50€
Face care - Pure Facial (Mene & Moy) - 60 min 75€
Face care - Intense facial (Mene & Moy) - 90 min 105€
Face care - Revitalising facial (Glo Therapeutics) - 60 min 75€
Face care - Repair facial (GloTherapeutics) - 30 min 40€
Facial care option - eye care 20€
Facial care option - neckline care 20€
Facial care option - mini manicure 12€
Facial care option - mini pedicure 15€

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