Stretch marks / scars


Stretch marks are linear skin lesions caused by rapid growth or excess fat on certain body parts. The subcutaneous tissue is pulled apart, which leads to red lines, which evolve in a later phase to white scars.

Treatment Options

Stretch marks or scars will never disappear completely. However, they can become  softer and less visible. This can be done by corticosteroid injections or laser treatments (Palomar Starlux fractional laser treatment). Often multiple sessions are needed to obtain the desired result. There should be a four week period between the treatments and exposure to the sun during that time should avoided.

Results after laser therapy on scars:


Other methods for scar treatment are compression and silicone therapy. Silicon therapy will make the scar not only more attractive and less visible, but also reduces redness, itching and pain.


Prevent and treat stretch marks by:

  • Massaging your skin daily (preferably with an oil), especially when weight changes, pregnancy, intensive sports.
  • Avoiding sudden weight gain
  • Avoiding exposure to the sun

Cost Price

Laser treatment for scars (Palomar) As from 150€

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